Mobile Foot Care for Seniors...

Is Life-Changing

Exceptional on-site foot care services for Okanagan seniors living in the finest care facilities. Caring, personalized foot care provided by nursing professionals. 

Getting older often means increased foot pain.

Loss of padding, bunions, problem toenails and and various medical diagnosis’ can severely limit our ability to participate fully in activities and even get around pain-free.

Health conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, circulatory issues, diabetes, dementia, and everyday limitations that naturally come with aging can make personal foot care difficult, if not impossible to maintain.

Foot issues can quickly escalate, causing a lot of discomfort, pain and potentially requires medical intervention.

And seniors are most at risk.

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Life can be vibrant, fulfilling, and full of possibility. At any age.

And you know how important foot health can be for living your best life.

YOU NEED A foot care program that supports your lifestyle and matches the high standards and excellent quality your deserve.

My mom’s feet hurt so much she could barely get out of her chair to walk across the room.

“My mom has diabetes and very limited mobility, which has made professional foot care essential. She was so nervous on her first visit–she has a very low pain tolerance but her One Step Foot Care nurse was so gentle with her and had endless patience.

After her initial examination, the nurse did an excellent job of trimming and thinning out some challenging, thick toenails and dealing with a tricky ingrown toenail. Her feet looked SO much better and my mom was absolutely delighted. “It’s like I”m walking on air!” Now she’s counting down the days until the next visit!”

We Care For Your Feet.
So You Can Get Back To Living Your Best Life.

We identify and treat foot issues before they escalate. Regular foot care and maintenance by One Step Foot Care nurses help keep your senior feet healthy, reducing pain and helping you pursue your passions. After all, age really is just a number.

Stop Foot Issues In Their Tracks.

Regular services provided by our team of Advanced Foot Care Nurses utilizes a preventative model of care and ensures foot issues needing medical intervention are caught–and treated–early on.

Professional, Mobile Foot Care.

Our nurses provide on-site, professional foot care in the comfort and privacy you’re used to in your care residence. We come to you, so you can get on with your day.

One-on-one health care visits

Receive the undivided attention of our exceptional foot care nurse team. We ensure you get the personalized care you need and deserve.

Help Your Residents Keep Active

When your feet are too sore to walk, it’s easy to lose strength and mobility. Walking pain-free is the best way to keep bones healthy and strong.

Better Balance = Fewer Falls

Healthy, pain-free feet help you maintain better balance, which means fewer stumbles and falls. And fewer life-threatening injuries.

A Deserved Self-Esteem Boost

In addition to foot care, our nurses can provide hand care and polish application. Because you deserve to feel your very best.

I can't thank One Step Foot Care Enough

“Excellent presentation at the Wellness Circle. A corn was removed  from my foot. OMG, I did not realize how horribly uncomfortable it really was until it was gone!  It is now a pleasure to walk again.”

– Peggy, Peachland

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Quality Foot Care Is Life Changing

What to expect in a One Step Foot Care session:


We visit each care residence every six to eight weeks, spending up to a week at each location. Appointments during that week are flexible, to ensure we can service your feet when it’s convenient for you.  


Our foot care nurses attend each session with a personal, compassionate touch.We’ll greet you with warmth and a smile as we introduce ourselves and ensure you are comfortable and know exactly what to expect.


Each session begins with an assessment of your lower limbs to determine overall health, mobility and circulation of your feet. A treatment plan is devised and any issues requiring intervention are identified.


Toenails are trimmed and filed smooth. Management and care of corns, calluses and other trouble areas are addressed. Your feet are cleansed and a moisturizing foot rub is delivered. Purchased socks will be left with the facility’s receptionist for distribution.


Used tools are set aside and prepped for sterilization for our next visit. Our nurses follow the highest standards of practice as outlined by their nursing regulations and adhere strictly to Sterilization Techniques and Infection Control practices.

The Best Way To Care For Your Senior Feet

You deserve the very best foot care. Contact us today to see how our team of mobile foot care nurses can care for you. Call us today at 1-833-863-3668 or send us an email or message

Are you looking for mobile foot care for yourself or a loved one?

At One Step Foot Care we work exclusively with seniors that reside in Care Homes from Penticton to Salmon Arm and the many communities in between. But, we know a lot of great foot care nurses all over BC!

If you’re looking for a nurse to provide foot care in a private residence, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with recommendations for nurses we know and trust.

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Where does your loved one reside?

We sell socks, too!

These cushy, therapeutic socks are the perfect way to care for your treated feet after a foot care session. We can deliver socks directly at the time of treatment.

Diabetic Socks

One Pair


Two Pairs


Three Pairs


To order socks, send us a message via our contact form and let us know how many pairs you would like delivered for the next client session.

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