Take Back Control Of Your Career. Become A Foot Care Nurse.

Level up with the Foot Care Course for Nurses. Complete your Advanced Foot Care Nurse training and begin a fulfilling new career as a Foot Care Nurse.

You went into nursing to help people. And you have.

You’ve studied and mastered skills most people could never hope to learn.

You’ve cheered patients on and held space for worried and grieving families. And you have faced down more disgusting fluids, ornery co-workers, bad management policies and back-to-back 12-hour night shifts than anyone has a right to.

You have changed countless lives for the better.

But you’re also overworked, over-tired, beyond stressed–and you get almost no time to spend with your patients. Never mind your family (remember them?).

You’re tired of picking up the slack and working with your hands tied behind your back. You don’t want to work 12-hour shifts and mandatory nights and weekends for the rest of your life. Or even the rest of this year.

You’ve put your heart and soul into caring for others, and maybe lost a bit of yourself. 

Nurse burnout in Canada is real.

You’re ready for a change. You want to take back control of your schedule and workday BUT:

Seniority and round-the-clock rotations mean you’re years away from a schedule that lets you see your family.

You love nursing and don’t want to leave it, but the stress and lack of human interaction is leading you down the road to burnout.

You’re running around and responding to emergencies and others’ requests – there’s never enough time to just take care of your patients.

You’re just going through the motions. This isn’t why you got into nursing. (Is it?)

Maybe you just want to bring more money in, but the idea of working more overtime doing the same thing and working even longer hours makes you break out in a cold sweat.

Stop. Step away from the dysfunction.

You don’t have to give up your life or compromise your patient care to make a difference as a nurse.

What if I told you it was possible to work regular daytime shifts, Monday to Friday AND enjoy one-on-one time with patients again?

You don’t need to try harder at work to compensate for nursing shortages, lack of seniority, staffing issues, internal politics and budget cuts. You need:

More hours in the day to care for your patients. To hear their stories. Learn their names. Help them live their best lives.

Time to help your kids with homework and get dinner on the table.

Space to Netflix and actually chill on a Friday night. A glass of wine on a Saturday.
Maybe sleep in for once.

To spend time with your family when they’re able to spend time with you.

If this sounds like you, it's time to consider upgrading your career and becoming a Foot Care Nurse.

Finally, my schedule is my own.

“I’m able to start and end my day whenever I need it to be. My kids have a dentist appointment next Wednesday morning. Before, I would have to scramble to find someone else to take them or beg someone to take my shift. Now I don’t have to start work until after they’re securely back in their school routines. I can show up at 10 o’clock if I want to, or just choose not to go in that day. I have complete control over my schedule. And the best part? I actually look forward to going into work.”

– Shannon, Foot Care Nurse

Introducing the Advanced Foot Care Training Course for Nurses.

By One Step Foot Care in association with Foot Canada Training

One Step Foot Care Inc

The simplest way for nurses to take control of their schedule (finally!) and fall back in love with nursing.

Kick open the door to new, flexible career opportunities and work when YOU want to.

This Advanced Foot Care Training course provides in-person clinical foot care nurse skills development and mentorship and is broken up into two parts: Online Theory and Foot Care Nurse Clinical Training.

Nurses who’ve successfully completed their Advanced Foot Care training can work as a Foot Care Nurse anywhere in Canada.

The Advanced Foot Care Course for Nurses is broken into two parts:

Part 1 – Foot Care Theory

The 11-module course is delivered fully online.

Read the lessons, watch the videos and complete the multiple-choice quizzes at your own pace. Six days, six weeks or six months, you can fit in the online training when it works for you.

The curriculum is based on current best practice guidelines and evidence-based practice, including the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017).

  1. Introduction
  2. Career Opportunities in Foot Care
  3. Evidence-Informed Practice
  4. Anatomy of the Lower Leg
  5. Foot and Nail Conditions
  6. Infection and Prevention Control in Foot Care
  7. Foot and Ankle Conditioning, Physio and Massage Therapy
  8. Biomechanics, Footwear and Orthotics
  9. Foot Care for People with Diabetes
  10. Wound Care
  11. Terminology

You’ll also have access to one-on-one mentoring with licensed educator Kaarina Schrott to ensure you’re getting maximum benefit from the course material, and to provide guidance should you have questions.

FCN Theory completion time = 110 hours (self-paced) 

Part 2 – Foot Care Nurse Clinical

When you’re ready to put your knew knowledge to the test, we’re with you. Every step of the way.

The Foot Care Nurse Clinical Course is delivered in-person over 5 days and is open to nurses who have successfully completed the online FCN Theory course.

This clinical training and mentorship are designed to provide your with the opportunity to practice and develop your skills in a ‘real world’ setting under the guidance and supervision of a  Foot Care Nurse Educator – Kaarina Schrott.

The curriculum for FCN Clinical was developed by Foot Canada Training and is taught by a Licensed Education Provider.  

FCN Clinical completion time – 43 hours  (5 days)

I thought the online training was excellent. I could do it at my own leisure, at home, and not have to stress about going somewhere and parking and trying to fit it in when I working. As soon as I signed up I was doing a little bit every night, at least a chapter a night. And when I’d finished, it felt like it took no time at all.”

– Jocelyn, Foot Care Nurse

Just think. You could have your Foot Care Nurse skills in just 150 hours and start taking on your own clients.

"I created the clinical practicum I wish I'd had when I started out."

I always love the student’s surprise when they’ve completed their practicum. Where possible, I like to host clinical training at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. A lot of students are intimidated at first. But after the first one or two pairs of feet they’ve been able to do, they’re gung-ho. They’re actively chatting up the participants and looking for another person to help. They’re so enthusiastic because they’ve already made such a significant difference for those people. They’re just on fire to keep it going, keep that momentum to help more.”

– Kaarina Schrott, Foot Care Nurse Educator

Choose One Step Foot Care foot care nurse training when:

You’re ready to inject that personal touch back into your nursing practice.

You want to get to know client names and not just their room number or injury.

You’re done with endless busy work and choosing between taking care of the patient, or taking care of the computer.

It's time to be in charge of your own career and schedule again.

Do you want to start your own foot care business?

Setup in a clinic or pharmacy? Visit your clients in their own homes? Have them come to you?

Work full time? Make some extra money on the side? Never work another holiday or weekend? Work ONLY weekends?

Doesn’t matter. YOU get to choose when and where you work. Finally.

I thought work-life balance was just a myth...

“I don’t work weekends anymore now that I’m doing foot care. I was working seven days a week for years and then I pulled back to six days a week for a couple more years. And now that I’m doing foot care, I am Monday to Friday. No nights or weekends. I get to eat dinner with my family every night, which is lovely.”

– Kim, Foot Care Nurse

"The Gold Standard in Foot Care Nurse Training".

Meet your Instructor

Kaarina Schrott, LPN, FCNed

Founder & CEO of One Step Foot Care INC.

Foot care nurse training has come a LONG way since I first took my course 13 years ago.

When I launched One Step Foot Care, I couldn’t keep up with the demand for qualified foot care nurses. There were more than a few new nurses who joined my team who didn’t even know the basics, despite having just completed their training.

Better education was needed in BC. I started teaching the  Advanced Foot Care courses at Okanagan College in 2017. In 2020, the pandemic halted education of the FCN course through the college but the need for Foot Care Nurses continued to grow.

In 2020, I partnered with Canada Foot Training and became a licensed education provider. I now help nurses across BC upgrade their careers as foot care nurses. From the comfort of their own homes, on their terms.

Completing my Foot Care Nurse training was the best thing I ever did for my career. And now I get to help other nurses and nurse–nurses like you– take the first step in gaining control over their own schedules and workdays. It’s not magic. You just have to decide you’re ready for a change.

Take the first step and register for your Advanced Foot Care course today. We’re here to help you succeed!

Take the first step and register for your Advanced Foot Care course today. We’re here to help you succeed.

The Advanced Foot Care for Nurses Course is hosted in Association with Foot Canada Training.

Over 4500 Canadian nurses have made Foot Canada Training the gold standard in foot care training for Canadian nursing professionals.

Foot Canada Training developed the first ever online foot care nurse theory and educator courses in the country (in 1993). The best part? You can study wherever and whenever you want.

Cindy Lazenby R.N., the founding president and director of nursing, was the first founding chair & president of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses. Their textbook, “Art & Science of Nursing Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada (2017)”, is the number one resource for foot care education in Canada and is peer-reviewed by multiple authors.

Foot Canada Training is a nursing foot care education company dedicated to promoting the advancement of standardized and accessible Foot Care Nurse education in accordance with best practice guidelines.

*The Foot Canada Training Curriculum is peer-reviewed and uses The Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017) as Clinical Performance Standards and is compliant with the IPAC Canada Position Statement 2019 – “Point-of-use sterility of critical, reprocessed foot care instruments for every client”.

My word is truth again.

“It’s nice to be specialized because when I go in and provide foot care service, it actually doesn’t matter that Mr Smith’s bell down the hall might be ringing. I don’t have to get up and go help him. I get to stay and I get to finish what I’ve been doing. And from start to finish, I don’t have to worry about being interrupted. I don’t have to tell my client, falsely, that I’ll be back in a minute. My word is truth again.”

– Jocelyn, Foot Care Nurse

If you can find 2 to 6 hours a week to work through the course and complete each module, you can change your entire career life.

"But, what if I don't want to give up my current position?"

Once you’re a foot care nurse, you get to choose when and where you work. You can do foot care full-time, work lots of hours, see lots of clients, make a lot of money.

You can work for a company that already has an established client base and get those full-time hours.

Or you can have your own side business with a handful of people you see on your own and just make some extra money on the side.

You don’t have to give up your seniority or lose the perks of your current job. Seeing clients as a foot care nurse is something you can easily squeeze into a regular nursing job. Your career, your choice. 

YOU get to choose when and where you work. Finally.

You went into nursing for a reason.

Those same clinical skills and personality traits that helped you excel in your current role pretty much ensure you’ll make a great foot care nurse.

This course is ideal for you if are:

One Step Foot Care LogoAble to dedicate 2 to 6 hours per week to completing your online studies

One Step Foot Care LogoYou can tolerate feet. (I mean, it’s not bowel care, am I right?).

One Step Foot Care LogoKnowledgeable and want to gain a strong understanding of common foot conditions and best practices for foot care. Not up to date on your foot anatomy? Not to worry, that’s in the course!

One Step Foot Care LogoCompassionate: Every good nurse is caring and empathetic towards their patients, being a foot care nurse is no different.

One Step Foot Care LogoDetail-oriented: You must be meticulous and detail-oriented when performing foot care procedures to ensure you’re providing high-quality care and preventing complications. No difference, really, from all of your other patient care.

One Step Foot Care LogoPatient: You’ll be working with patients who may be experiencing pain, discomfort, or anxiety. When working with seniors, you might have some patients dealing with dementia who require more patience and guidance when having their feet cared for.

The reality is that being a foot care nurse isn’t that different from every other nursing job.

What IS different? The amount of time you get to spend one-on-one with your patients and getting to choose when and where you work.

Ready to spend evenings and weekends with your family (remember them?) and get actual one-on-one time caring for your patients?

Change your career and become a foot care nurse in 8 simple steps!


Make sure you qualify to become a foot care nurse in BC. If you can put a great big fat ‘check’ beside each of the statements below, you’re in. 


Choose your payment option – we’ve made it easy to spread out your payments to suit your budget and timelines. Pay all at once or spread your payments out over three months. 


Register online and complete your first payment.


Within 24 business hours of registering, we’ll confirm your active license, register you for the online course and send you your textbook and One Step Foot Care starter kit 


Receive your login credentials and sign in for the first time. Now you’re cookin’!


Complete each of the 11 modules at your own speed. Six days, six weeks or six months; you have access to the online theory portion for 6 months.


Once you’re 85% done your online course, we’ll reach out and schedule your Foot Care Nurse (FCN) clinical (held in Kelowna, British Columbia).


Complete your 5-day clinical with Kaarina and the other students in your cohort (it’s actually a lot of fun. We promise!)

Congratulations! You’re officially a foot care nurse and the sky’s the limit.

It doesn’t stop here! We are invested in your success. When you earn your Foot Care Nurse designation through One Step Foot Care, we are available to answer any questions you may have for a full two years after you’ve completed the program.

Set your own schedule and fall in love with nursing all over again as a Foot Care Nurse.

Choose the payment plan that works best for you and get started today.

Fast Track

Pay In Full
$ 3675 One-Time
  • $250 Registration Fee
  • Textbook
  • Foot Care Nurse Starter Kit
  • Online Learning (110 Hours)
  • FCN Clinical (43 Hours)
  • Get first dibs on clinical practicum dates!

Two Payments

Pay In Two Equal Instalments
$ 1838 Two-Time Payment
  • $250 Registration Fee
  • Textbook
  • Foot Care Nurse Starter Kit
  • Online Learning (110 Hours)
  • FCN Clinical (43 Hours)
  • Pay 50% when you register and 50% when you book your clinical

Three Monthly Payments

Pay Over three Months
$ 1225 Three Monthly Payments
  • $250 Registration Fee
  • Textbook
  • Foot Care Nurse Starter Kit
  • Online Learning (110 Hours)
  • FCN Clinical (43 Hours)
  • Spread your payments over three months. Get started today!

Note: It’s possible that you may qualify for education grants or bursaries. For example, the BC Nurse Union offers a Member Education Bursary that may cover part or all your course fees.

This fund is open to all union members, including employed student nurses. Please visit the BC Nurse Union website to see if you qualify and to apply.

Depending on your current work situation, your employer may opt to fund your Foot Care Nurse course as well as part of your training and development. You can grab the course curriculum here to share with them.

There is a huge demand for foot care nurses right now.

The population is ever aging, and Covid-19 retired a lot of foot care nurses. At One Step Foot Care we can barely keep up with the demand. Which means now is the perfect time for you to level up your nursing career as a foot care nurse.

Renew Your Foot Care Skills

Our Foot Care Refresher Course is perfect for those who’ve previously taken the Foot Care Nurse Online Theory or previously worked as a Foot Care Nurse and need a boost. Refresh your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and treatments to provide the best possible care to your patients.

Contact us about joining our Foot Care Refresher Course at a significantly discounted rate and renew your skills today!

I wish I'd started years ago.

“I recently completed the foot care nurse training course, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made. The course was incredibly comprehensive, covering everything from foot and ankle conditioning exercises to wound care management. Kaarina is knowledgeable and SO supportive, and provided the one-on-one attention I needed to feel confident in my skills. I highly recommend the foot care nurse training course to anyone looking to take their nursing skills to the next level.”

– Jessica, Foot Care Nurse

"But what if....?" You have questions. That's great! We have the answers.

Who can take this course?

This course is designed only for nurses (or nursing students) in Canada (RN, NP, RPN, LPN). You will be required to provide your provincial nursing registration details (no restrictions), which will be verified before you can begin the curriculum.

How much does the training course cost?

The total cost to obtain your Foot Care Nurse certification is $3675.00, taxes included. 

The program cost is broken down as follows:

  • Program registration fee: $250. This reserves your place in the course schedule and includes your textbook and an initial set of basic instruments. 
  • Theory Course: $800 (regular price $1250). This fee will gain you access to the online learning portal and curriculum  
  • Clinical Course: $2625 

Please note: If you have already completed the theory training, you only need to pay for the clinical portion of the training ($2625, taxes included) to complete your training.

How long does it take to to complete my Advanced Foot Care training?

You can become a Foot Care Nurse (FCN) in as little as six to eight weeks, depending on your schedule and availability. Approximately 150 hours total.

The course consists of two sections, 110 hours of self-paced online learning followed by a five-day clinical course. Once you’re close to completing the self-paced learning part of your course, we’ll schedule the five-day clinical (hands on) portion of the course. 

Most nurses complete this course in four to six months, completing lessons as their schedule allows. 

The only caveat is that you must start the FCN Clinical course within 12 months of achieving a passing grade from the FCN Theory course.

When is the in-person clinical practicum?

We do our best to accommodate our students and where they're at. When you've completed 85% of your online training, we'll reach out to you to schedule your practicum (dates and location). 

Where are the clinical practicums held?

The clinical portion of the course (40 hours) is held in the beautiful British Columbia Interior, and and around Kelowna. Many students choose to visit family in BC or turn the week of training into a vacation.

Is there any financial assistance available?

It’s possible that you may qualify for education grants or bursaries. For example, the BC Nurse Union offers a Member Education Bursary that may cover part or all of your course fees. This fund is open to all union members, including employed student nurses. Please visit the BC Nurse Union website to see if you qualify and to apply.

Depending on your current work situation, your employer may opt to fund your Foot Care Nurse course as well as part of your training and development. You can grab the course curriculum here to share with them.

For ease of planning, your course payment can be broken down into 3 instalments. 

Reserve your spot in the course with the $250 program registration fee. 

The first payment of $1,712.50 (50% of course fee) is to be paid before starting the Foot Care Nurse Online Theory portion of Course. 

The remaining $1,712.50 (50% of course fee) is due 30 days prior to starting the Foot Care Nurse clinical portion of the course. 

Please note: The Clinical portion of the Foot Care Nurse course must be started within one year of receiving a passing grade in the online learning component to qualify for certification.

Is there a guarantee?

We are very confident that with our mentorship and support you will have no problems in successfully completing the online and clinical portions of the course and becoming a Foot Care Nurse within the schedule you’ve set for yourself.

We are here to support you, working alongside you and answering any questions you may have as you work your way through the  program. 

We have helped dozens of nurses start their new careers as Foot Care Nurses and not a single nurse has not been able to successfully complete the course. 

What happens after the course?

That’s up to you-the options are almost limitless. There is a huge need for Foot Care nurses in British Columbia and you will be in high demand.

You may choose to put your new skills to work with your current employer, seek out a new position with an independent foot care service provider in your area, work for clinics at pharmacies or doctors offices or even to start your own business. Part-time or full-time, you get to decide when and where you work. 

Perhaps you’d even like to join the One Step Foot Care team (we’re hiring! Click here to see available jobs).

How To Become A Foot Care Nurse in 2024 - Free Guide
How To Become A Foot Care Nurse in 2024 - Free Guide

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How to become a Foot Care Nurse and set your own schedule in 2023.

Don’t let burnout and stress define your nursing career.

If you’re ready to take back control of your workdays (and life!), click the “Send Me The Guide” button now and take the first step towards becoming a Foot Care Nurse.