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Frequently Asked Questions

One Step Foot Care Services
Who do you work with?

We work exclusively with seniors that reside in Care Homes from Penticton to Salmon Arm and the many communities in between.

Who needs a foot care nurse?

Many people require regular foot care, especially our Seniors. Our feet lose cushioning as we age, and our skin and nails can grow dry and brittle. Restricted mobility, along with declining eyesight make caring for our feet and nails more difficult as we age.

Health conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, circulatory issues, diabetes, dementia, and everyday limitations that naturally come with aging can make personal foot care difficult, if not impossible to maintain.

Foot issues can quickly escalate, causing a lot of discomfort, pain and potentially requires medical intervention.

Regular foot care and maintenance by One Step Foot Care nurses help keep your senior resident’s feet healthy, reducing pain and improving overall quality of life.

We identify and treat foot issues before they escalate. and refer patients to other health care professionals if there’s a need for more specialized care or treatment. 

Do you make in-home visits?

At this time, we only provide services to established Care Home facilities. If you require in home support or would like to hire a foot care nurse to visit yourself or a loved one in their home, we have a list of nurses we recommend for in-home visits. Send us a quick message with your name, contact number and where you live and we will pair you up with a service provider in your area.

What is included in a regular foot care visit?

Each session begins with an assessment to determine the overall health, mobility and circulation of the feet. Our nurses are in the best position to coordinate and address a client's emerging foot care needs and provide client, family and staff education. 

Toenails are trimmed and filed smooth. Management and care of any trouble areas are addressed. Feet are cleansed and a moisturizing foot rub is performed. 

We identify and manage foot issues before they escalate and refer patients to other health care professionals if there’s a need for more specialized care or treatment. 

We may also provide hand care and apply nail polish, if requested.

One Step Foot Care staff ensure they follow the highest standards of practice as outlined by the regulatory body of BCCNM  and adhere strictly to Sterilization Techniques and Infection Control practices as per the Health Canada Guidelines and local Interior Health Policies.

Can we hire you to help care for our Home Care Home residents?

If you work within or on behalf of a Care Home for seniors in the Okanagan Valley, we’d love to help serve your residents. Complete the form on this page with your contact information and we’ll be in touch within 2 business days to schedule a time to talk.

What qualifications do your Foot Care Nurses have?

One Step Foot Care nurses have the experience and training to provide the most advanced techniques in foot care. Our nurses all hold current licenses with the regulatory body of BCCNM, have up to date vaccinations required by the MHO and have successfully completed the training for Advanced Foot Care practice.

Our nurses update their knowledge and skills continually to ensure they exceed established standards in all aspects of their practice and patient care.

What those credentials don’t show is the extensive nursing experience every one of our nurses has had in other disciplines prior to becoming a foot care nurse. They’ve chosen to specialize in foot care, and specifically foot care for seniors, because they’ve seen the difference excellent foot care makes to each individual’s quality of life. They’re able to provide exceptional health care and spend quality one-on-one time with each of their patients at the same time.

They’ve chosen to work with clients like your residents because they love delivering outstanding nursing care and support and to interact with patients one-on-one.  They serve as a convenient solution for your care home, which allows clients to receive the best care in a comfortable and familiar setting.

Are One Step Foot Care nurses vaccinated against Covid?

Yes, our nurses are up to date on vaccinations as required by MHO. We understand how vulnerable the care home population is and we take every possible precaution to protect everyone’s health.

Working with One Step Foot Care
Is One Step Foot Care currently hiring new foot care nurses?

Yes, we are. See Join Our Team for current openings and to apply.

What kind of schedule can I expect?

As a foot care nurse with One Step Foot Care, you get to set your own hours. We work with regional Care Homes to provide services to senior residents Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am and 5pm. 

You can choose to work part-time or full-time, as an independent contractor or as a permanent One Step Foot Care employee. And the best part? You get your weekends and holidays back!

What credentials do I need to work as a Foot Care Nurse?

As a foot care nurse with One Step Foot Care, you get to set your own hours. We work with regional Care Homes to provide services to senior residents Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am and 5pm. 

You can choose to work part-time or full-time, as an independent contractor or as a permanent One Step Foot Care employee. And the best part? You get your weekends and holidays back!

Foot Care Nurse Course
Who can take this course?

This course is designed only for nurses (or nursing students) in Canada (LPN, RPN, RN or NP). You will be required to provide your provincial nursing registration details (no restrictions), which will be verified before you can begin the curriculum.

How much does the training course cost?

The total cost to obtain your Foot Care Nurse certification is $3675.00, taxes included. 

The program cost is broken down as follows:

  • Program registration fee: $250. This reserves your place in the course schedule and includes your textbook and an initial set of basic instruments. 
  • Theory Course: $800 (regular price $1250). This fee will gain you access to the online learning portal and curriculum  
  • Clinical Course: $2625 

Please note: If you have already completed the theory training, you only need to pay for the clinical portion of the training ($2625, taxes included) to complete your training.

How long until I can work as a Foot Care Nurse

You can become a Foot Care Nurse (FCN) in as little as six to eight weeks, depending on your schedule and availability. Approximately 150 hours total.

The course consists of two sections, 110 hours of self-paced online learning followed by a five-day clinical course. Once you’re close to completing the self-paced learning part of your course, we’ll schedule the five-day clinical (hands on) portion of the course. 

Most nurses complete this course in four to six months, completing lessons as their schedule allows. 

The only caveat is that you must start the FCN Clinical course within 12 months of achieving a passing grade from the FCN Theory course.

Is there any financial assistance available?

It’s possible that you may qualify for education grants or bursaries. For example, the BC Nurse Union offers a Member Education Bursary that may cover part or all of your course fees. This fund is open to all union members, including employed student nurses. Please visit the BC Nurse Union website to see if you qualify and to apply.

Depending on your current work situation, your employer may opt to fund your Foot Care Nurse course as well as part of your training and development. You can grab the course curriculum here to share with them.

For ease of planning, your course payment can be broken down into 1, 2 or 3 instalments. 

Please note: The Clinical portion of the Foot Care Nurse course must be started within one year of receiving a passing grade in the online learning component to qualify for certification.

Is there a guarantee?

We are very confident that with our mentorship and support you will have no problems in successfully completing the online and clinical portions of the course and becoming a Foot Care Nurse within the schedule you’ve set for yourself.

We are here to support you, working alongside you and answering any questions you may have as you work your way through the  program. 

We have helped dozens of nurses start their new careers as Foot Care Nurses and not a single nurse has not been able to successfully complete the course. 

What happens after the course?

That’s up to you-the options are almost limitless. There is a huge need for Foot Care nurses in British Columbia and you will be in high demand.

You may choose to put your new skills to work with your current employer, seek out a new position with an independent foot care service provider in your area, work for clinics at pharmacies or doctors offices or even to start your own business. Part-time or full-time, you get to decide when and where you work. 

Perhaps you’d even like to join the One Step Foot Care team (we’re hiring! Click here to see available jobs).

Need more information or just want to talk about how One Step Foot Care could be the solution you’ve been looking for?

We’re here for you every ‘step’ of the way.

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